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The Gutshaus in Moisall was built in 1912 for the owner Baron Klotz in the neo-baroque style, according to the plans of the architect Paul Johannes Adolf Korff.

The baron was a prussian born German. Because he spoke fluent Russian, he was allowed to stay in the Gutshaus with the refugees. He also spent time in workcamps for speaking out against the war. When the Soviet army moved moved into East Germany in 1945, the Baron was forced to give up his ownership of the house. It then housed refugees during the occupation of the red army, when more than 200 people were held prisoner in the Gutshaus. In front of the house stands a memorial stone marking the day of the land reform on September the third 1945.

From 1992 the Gutshaus remained empty until it was bought by a private owner. In 2006 Drillquest Engineering GmbH acquired the house in much need of renovation and repair. Soon afterward the renovation of inside and outside began.


We are glad to welcome you as a guest in the Gutshaus Moisall. You will find here modern and classically formed rooms, freshly developed under use of modern construction standards. Our team stand at your possession and will help for you with all questions with pleasure.

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